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Portable Surgical Microscope YZ20P5
Product name : Portable Surgical Microscope YZ20P5
Product No. : YZ20P5
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Ophthalmic Portable Operating Microscope 
Model: YZ20P5
CE & US FDA Marked 

YZ20P5 Surgical Microscope is a very cost effective Portable Surgical Microscope for hospitals and
eye clinics, who have few budgets for the common surgery. The Microscope is suitable for outreach
surgery as well, as the equipment can be placed in aluminum carrying cases for convenient carrying.


1. Light weight and compact design, only weights 41kgs, ideal for mobile surgery;

2. Total 3 step magnifications;

3. Footswitch focus, deep field of view and binocular fusion to meet cataract surgery;

4. Apochromatic technology is adopted to make different light focus wavelengths near the focal
point behind the lens, so as to give a clear and clean vision for the operators;

5. Anti-mildew and anti-reflection Lens is coated by multi-layer technology;

6. Different lens and parts are applicable in ophthalmology and other surgeries;

7. The equipment can be placed in aluminum carrying cases for outreach surgery.

Technical Specifications:
Microscope Part
Eyepiece Magnification                          12.5X
Objective Lens                                        f=200mm
Working Distance                                   190mm
Magnification for Main Microscope         5.3X, 8X, 12X
Diameter of Field                                    37mm, 25mm, 16.7mm
Adjustable Diopter                                  ±6D
Adjustable Range of Pupil Distance       50mm~80mm
Maximal Resolution                               100LP/mm

Illumination Part
Light Source                                           12V/100W, Medical Halogen Lamp
Illumination Type                                     6° +0° Coaxial cold light source illumination                                                       
Coaxial Illumination                                ≥30000LX
Reaching Radius of Arm                         870mm
Adjustable Vertical Range                       700mm~1100mm
Fine Focus Range                                   30mm

Input Voltage                                           AC110V~220V, 60Hz/50Hz
Power                                                      120VA
Fuse                                                        250A T1.25AL, 125V T2.5AL
Electrical Safety Standard                       IEC601-1, Class I

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