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Portable Surgical Microscope SM2000J
Product name : Portable Surgical Microscope SM2000J
Product No. : SM2000J
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Ophthalmic Portable Surgical Microscope
Model: SM2000J
CE & US FDA Marked

SM2000J Portable Surgical Microscope is designed for wetlab and outreach surgery, with excellent Japanese
OLYMPUS main head. It has Assistant Microscope to meet different surgery requirements.

1. Adopted Japanese OLYMPUS SZ51 main head;
2. 4X~20X motorized zoom & focus
3. High contrast surgery details, wide field of view, and excellent depth of view;
4. Non coaxial Assistant Microscope is optional;
5. Easy installation and operation;
6. The Microscope can be placed in a traveling case for wetlab and outreach surgery.

Technical Specifications:
Microscope Part
Main Head                       OLYMPUS SZ51
Eyepieces                        Wide Field 10X
Observation Angle           45°
Pupillary Distance            50~76mm
Dioptor Adjustment          ±5D
Objective                         45mm
Magnifications                 4X~20X motorized zoom
Field of View                    8mm~65mm
Working Distance            200mm
Focus Speed                   ±20mm foot control

Illumination System
Type                                Optical Fiber
Light Source                    Halogen Lamp 15V/150W
Control                            Stepless Control
Intensity                           ≥80,000 Lux
Power                              110V~220V, 60Hz/50Hz

Length of Extending Arm 840mm
Up and Down Range       ±100mm
Foot Switch                      Motorized focus & zoom

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