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Microscope Image Inverter MegaVue
Product name : Microscope Image Inverter MegaVue
Product No. : SOI-1/2/3
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Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope Image Inverter
Model: SOI-1/2/3
CE & US FDA Marked

Ophthalmic Microscope Image Inverter is a kind of Adapter, which is put between Objective Lens and 
Eyepieces Lens of an Ophthalmic Operating Microscope, to upright images for observers, while
they are doing retinal vitreous surgery.

The image can be reverted by angle of 180 degrees.

There is a thick metal stick to turn on and off by shifting up and down. It is quite easy for operators, even
for beginners.

Image Inverter is workable with MegaVueTM Lens (3 Lenses) to meet posterior segment retinal vitreous surgery

Our MegaVueTM system has been successfully working in ZEISS, LEICA, MOLLER, TOPCON, ALCON & HUVITZ
etc. Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes

1. All metal materials for durable use;
2. Anti-mildew and anti-moisture lenses to prevent from the black dots after long time use;
3. NO focus adjustment;
4. Generous and compact design;
5. High lens transmittance by German technology covering;
6. Quite easy for operation by shifting metal stick up and down.

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