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MegaVue Non Contact Lens Assembly
Product name : MegaVue Non Contact Lens Assembly
Product No. : VC-10B
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Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope BIOM Lens
Model: VC-10B
CE & US FDA Marked

Ophthalmic Surgical Microscope BIOM system includes BIOM Lens and Image Inverter. There are 3 lenses
provided to meet posterior segment surgery requirements. Our BIOM Lens has been successfully working in
ZEISS, LEICA, MOLLER, TOPCON, ALCON & HUVITZ etc. Ophthalmic Surgical Microscopes.

1. 3 lenses to meet different surgery requirements;
2. Workable with an Image Inverter for posterior segment surgery;
3. The BIOM Lens can be installed in microscopes: ZEISS, LEICA, MOLLER, ALCON, INAMI, TAKAGI etc..

Technical Specifications:
BIOM Lens  
Field of View                102°/120°
Image Magnification     0.43X
Lens Diameter             19mm

Small BIOM Lens
Field of View                95°/112°
Image Magnification     0.42X
Lens Diameter             13mm

Medium BIOM Lens
Field of View                80°/95°
Image Magnification     0.74X
Lens Diameter            19mm

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