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Auto Ref-keratometer KR-9600
Product name : Auto Ref-keratometer KR-9600
Product No. : KR-9600
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Optical Auto Ref-keratometer

IOL measurement function, pupil size measurement
7.0" inch touch screen

Model: KR-9600

CE & US FDA Marked


1. Fashion and compact design Auto Ref-keratometer;

2. 7.0" adjustable color LCD touch screen;

3. Built-in Thermal Printer with easy loading and auto cut function;

4. Motorized Chin-rest to adjust height;

5. One key lock function;

6. Auto tracking and pupil size measurement;
7. IOL measurement function is available;
8. With cornal curvature and diopter measurement function.

Technical Specifications:
Refraction Measurement
Vertex Distance                            0.0, 12.0, 13.75, 15.0mm
Sphere                                         -25.00D~+22.00D (0.12/0.25D step) (VD=12mm)   
Cylinder                                        0.00~±10D (0.12/0.25D step)
Axis                                              1°~180° (1° step)
Pupil Distance                              10~85mm
Min. Pupil Diameter Measurable  Ȼ2.0mm
Target                                           Automatic fogging target

Hardware Specification
Monitor                                         7” inch color LCD
Printer                                          Thermal printer with easy loading and auto cutter
Power Saving Function                5/15mins
Data Output                                 RS232/Bluetooth
Power Supply                               AC100V~240V, 60Hz/50Hz, 50W
Dimension/Weight                        262*487*467mm, 17.5kgs  

Keratometry Measurement
Curvature Radius                         5~10mm (0.01mm step)
Corneal Refraction                       33.75D~67.50D (0.12/0.25D step)
Corneal Astigmatism                    0.00~15.00D (0.12/0.25D step)
Angle of Corneal                          1°~180° (1° step)
Corneal Diameter                         2.0~12.0mm

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