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Auto Refractometer RM-8100
Product name : Auto Refractometer RM-8100
Product No. : RM-8100
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Optical Equipment Auto Refratometer

Model: RM-8100

CE Marked



1. 9" TFT color LCD screen;

2. Auto tracking and auto paper cutting functions;

3. Semi-automatic measurement;

4. Fast test speed and high accuracy;

5. With keratometer function.

Technical Parameters: 
Refractometry Measurement: 
Sphere                                  -20m-1~+20m-1 (VD=12mm, 0.01m-1, 0.06m-1, 0.12m-1, 0.25m-1),
                                             deep myopia measurement available

0m-1~±6m-1(0.25m-1 unit)
1°~180° (1° unit)
Pupil Distance                      
10mm~65mm (0.1mm unit)
Cylinder Form                       -, +, ±

Hardware Part:   
Printer                                   57mm thermal printer
9" TFT touch screen (adjustable angle)
Measurement Light Energy  <30uW
Measurement Time               0.5S
Other Functions.                  Auto tracking, auto focusing and semi-measurement
Input Voltage                        AC110V~240V
Input Frequency         60Hz/50Hz

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