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Portable Auto Refractometer EasyRef Lite
Product name : Portable Auto Refractometer EasyRef Lite
Product No. : EasyRef Lite
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Handheld Auto Refractometer
Model: EasyRef Lite
CE Marked

1. Very portable design;
2. Giving users fresh and superb experience;
3. It only weights 360g and is packed in an aluminum case, very convenient for carrying;
4. Supportive for single hand operation;
5. Objective and accurate refractive assessment;
6. Ideal for challenging patients: infant, disabled person and people, who have language barriers in large scale;
7. The device can be put in use by any postures: standing, lying and sitting etc.;
8. All data can be stored, printed and shared via pad and computer.

Technical Specifications:

Spherical Range


Spherical Tolerance


Cylinder Range


Cylinder Tolerance


Axis of Astigmatism Range


Data Acquisition Time



External must connect to PD and PAD

Net Weight


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